Asteris Hotel
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Air Condition: Yes
Pool: No
Price Range per Week: 50-100€
Sleeps: 9
Bedrooms: 3
Location: Skala
The company chose for a name an historical, mythical name that symbolizes the route of the Greek people in time, history and place.

We created a hotel in Skala that holds the Asteris characteristics:

-a lighthouse in the Ionian sea, a mark on the rocky shore that can be seen from everywhere, a mythical island, a creation of God that might even be the home of the "suitors".

When mighty God, Zeus, created the islands and dropped them from the sky to take root on Earth, some of them were lost in the bottom of the sea, others took roots and only a few of them floated and since then, still float freely in the seas.

These islands were called "ASTERIDES" because they fell like stars from the sky and with their presence the guide ships and seamen on their great voyages.

Two of them were the most famous "Asterides" : the first was the famous and sacred isle of Dilos in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, which in ancient years, was called Asteris.

The second was the famous mythical Asteris of Homer, the mysterious island of the Ionian Sea, known as the island of the "suitors".

There, the suitors of the throne of Homeric Ithaca, plotted the murder of Telemachus, son of Odysseas, on his return from Pilos.

The discovery of the Asteris, in the Ionian Sea, this child of Zeus, this "Homeric message", this eternal island of the "suitors" will be the revelation of the history...


Hotel Asteris,
Skala Kefalonia,
P.C. 28.086

Tel. : +30 (26710) 83.021, +30 (26710) 23.866
Fax. : +30 (26710) 83.022

Email : asteris@acn.gr
Official website: http://www.kefalonian.com/asteris

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